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Dental Procedures

Dental Insurance & Financing

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Braces & Aligners

Teeth Braces for Adults
Braces and Aligners

Teeth Braces for Adults: A Guide to Options, Benefits of Adult Braces

Braces are now becoming a hot topic among adults. According to data provided by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), …

Retainer Cost
Braces and Aligners

Teeth Retainer Cost: How Much Do Retainers Cost?

After wearing braces, they help prevent teeth from moving back to their original positions. There are ...
Hawley Retainer
Braces and Aligners

Hawley Retainer: It’s Role in Orthodontic Treatment, a Comprehensive Guide

A beautiful smile sometimes necessitates orthodontic treatments. However, the journey is far from over, and many times, you’ll ...

Oral Health

Loose Teeth
Tooth Issues

Loose Tooth: Causes, Risks, and What to Do When Teeth Are Loose

A child’s first wiggly tooth represents a major milestone in their healthy development and growth.  Kids are eager to wait …

Missing Teeth (Hypodontia)
Tooth Issues

Congenitally Missing Teeth (Hypodontia): Common Causes of Hypodontia

The average human is born with 20 baby teeth that erupt gradually as the child grows ...
Tooth Abscess
Tooth Issues

Tooth Abscess: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options of Dental Abscess Explained

A tooth abscess is usually a painful and potentially serious dental condition caused by an infection ...

Must Read

Must ReadTooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction: What You Need To Know About It And Aftercare

Sometimes despite our best efforts, teeth cannot be saved and must be extracted.  When you have a tooth extracted, the ...
Dental Implants
Dental ImplantsDental Procedures

Dental Implants: Types, Procedures, Costs, Pros and Cons

It is estimated that about 178 million Americans are missing at least a tooth. They go to a dentist in ...
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