Can You Eat Chips with Braces? Should You Even Take The Chance?

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Crunchy, salty, and oh-so-tempting – but can you eat chips with braces? Yes and no, depending on the type of chips.

Can You Eat Chips with Braces?

Read on to see what should eat and what to stay away from while wearing braces.

Understanding the Risks of Eating Chips with Braces

Traditional chips are hard and crunchy. Thus, eating them can affect the wires of your braces, causing misalignment. And if you are unlucky, the wires and brackets may break off entirely, deforming your brace.

Additionally, when eating chips, particles can get stuck between the brackets and wires of your braces. This makes them hard to clean. Over time, trapped chip particles can cause plaque buildup, making your tooth prone to decay.

If not properly treated, tooth decay can cause pain, infections, or worse, tooth loss, which is bad for oral health and well-being.

Tips for Safely Enjoying Chips with Braces

Here are three practical tips on how to enjoy your chips without causing damage to your braces:

Choose the right type of chips.

If you are to eat chips while on braces, it’s best you choose the right types. Look for soft and puffy chips, especially those that don’t require a lot of chewing.

Pringles ticks all the boxes.

They are softer in texture than the traditional chips, making them less likely to damage your braces. However, try not to stuff your mouth while eating them so they don’t get lodged in between brackets and wires.

Cheese puffs are another example of chips you can eat while wearing braces. Like Pringles, they have a soft texture. This makes them safe to eat with braces.


Additionally, you can try puffed snacks like Cheetos and rice cakes. These crunchy snacks are okay to eat while on braces. 

Ensure you steer clear of Fritos, Takis, Doritos, Tostitos, kettle chips, and nachos. Hard corn chips and other hard chips should also be avoided. 

Cut chips into smaller pieces.

With your finger, cut the chips into half or smaller pieces. Chew slowly and carefully with the back teeth to reduce the impact on your braces.

You should also avoid stuffing your mouth with lots of chips. It prevents you from biting down hard on multiple chips.  

Make sure to rinse your mouth after eating to discard debris. Remember, the smaller the chips, the less likely they are to damage your bracket or wire. 

Practice proper oral hygiene after eating chips

Rinse your mouth after eating chips to remove debris that can get stuck in your braces. If that doesn’t help, brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush.

When brushing, focus on areas around brackets and wires, as they are hiding spots for debris. Additionally, make sure you floss regularly.

Use a floss threader or flossing tool made for braces. Make sure you schedule regular consultations with your orthodontics. They’ll ensure that your braces are okay and make adjustments If necessary.

Alternative Snack Options for Individuals with Braces

Soft snacks that are braces-friendly

To protect your braces, replace hard foods or chips with soft snacks that are brace-friendly. French fries and baked chips are good options. They are soft, easy to chew, and are less likely to get stuck on your braces.

While French fries and baked chips are brace-friendly, how you eat them matters. Make sure you eat one at a time to avoid broken brackets or wires. 

Nutritious alternatives to chips

Not only is it brace-friendly, but a smoothie is also a nutritious alternative to chips. When cold, it helps provide relief from brace discomfort.

Don’t like smoothies? Cheese cubes are another nutritious alternative to chips. They are soft to chew and contain calcium that strengthens the teeth.

Creative snack ideas for satisfying crunchy cravings without chips

If you want to satisfy your crunchy cravings without chips, there are some creative options to try. Rice cakes, veggie straws, rice crackers, and pretzels are a good place to start.

Rice cakes

They have a nice crunch, making them an ideal option for those looking to satisfy their crunchy cravings without chips.


if you use braces, you need to be selective of the chips you eat to avoid damaging your device. Hard or crunchy chips are a good example of foods to avoid. They are hard to chew and may damage your braces in the long run.

If you must eat chips with your braces, ensure you choose soft alternatives. Break them into bits and take smaller bites to avoid damaging your device. It’s essential to consult with an orthodontist for dietary recommendations, specialized advice, or orthodontic treatment.


Can you eat tortilla chips with braces?  

No, you can’t. Tortilla chips have a crunchy texture, making it one of those foods you should avoid with braces. Consuming the chips may damage your brace’s wire, regardless of how cautious you are.

What chips can I eat with braces?  

You can eat Pringles, baked chips, Cheeto Puffs, veggie straws, and other soft chips. While these chips are brace-friendly, it’s recommended that you consume them in moderation to protect your braces. You should also avoid eating crunchy chips, as they can get trapped easily in your teeth and braces, leading to tooth decay.   

Can you eat potato chips with braces?

Yes, only if the potato chips are baked. However, it’s best to avoid them if the chips are hard and crunchy, as they can cause damaged braces or deformation in your wire. Remember to break the chips into small pieces before eating them.      

Can I eat Cheetos with braces?    

Yes, you can eat Cheetos with braces. They are soft and require minimal chewing force. However, ensure you exercise caution when eating Cheetos so you don’t damage your braces.  

Can you eat Cheeto Puffs with braces?  

Yes, you can eat Cheeto puffs with braces. They have a soft texture, making them less likely to damage the brackets or wires of your braces. Make sure you eat them in small bites to lessen the impact on your brace when chewing. 

Can you eat Pringles with braces? 

Yes, you can eat Pringles with braces. They are softer than traditional chips and need minimal chewing force. Avoid stuffing your mouth, and eat one Pringle at a time to avoid broken braces. 

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