Teeth Cleaning Price: How Much Does A Dental Teeth Cleaning Cost

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Looking to get an idea about teeth cleaning prices? The average US price is around $125, however, it can go as high as $400 in major cities like New York. 

Teeth Cleaning Price

Below, we will break down the factors that influence dental costs, average price ranges, and the benefits of professional teeth cleaning. 

Factors Affecting Teeth Cleaning Prices

From the location of your dental clinic to the extent of teeth cleaning required, several factors affect the overall average cost of cleaning.

Let’s talk in detail about how these factors influence the cost of your smile.

Dental Clinic Location:

Place matters a lot. Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaning services from a local dental clinic or a chic dental clinic in a metropolitan area, both make a difference.

The dental clinics located in urban areas often charge more than those located in towns or suburban areas.

The reason behind this is the cost of living. In the areas where rents and utilities are higher, the teeth cleaning prices are also higher.

The extent of Cleaning Required:

The size of the area that requires teeth cleaning largely determines the cost. Moreover, it also depends on your dental condition.

If you are going for routine teeth cleaning, the price will be lower. But if you have a large plaque, tartar buildup, periodontal disease, or, say, oral cancer, then the price of teeth cleaning and the whole treatment will be higher. 

Deep cleaning requires more time and effort, and that is reflected in the price.

Additional Treatments Needed

Also, if you’re getting an additional treatment along with teeth cleaning, keep in mind the cost will be accordingly.

For example, if your tooth enamel needs support, your doctor might suggest you get a fluoride application.

Dental Fluoride Treatment

So the overall cost of dental cleanings will include teeth cleaning price plus fluoride application price.

The need for extra treatment depends on your oral health. Maybe your dentist demands an X-ray before going further. 

In a nutshell, make sure to always discuss these additional costs with your dentist.

Average Costs of Teeth Cleaning

Knowing the cost of teeth cleaning is essential to make an informed decision.

The national average cost of teeth cleaning is $125 without any additional treatment added. It ranges from $75 to $200 depending on various factors but it can go as high as $400 in cities like New York. 

Moreover, there is also regional variation in costs from city to city. Getting dental services from a metropolitan area will cost more compared to the countryside. 

For example, if you’re planning to get it from a dental health clinic in a big city like New York or Vegas, you can expect to pay more. 

The starting price range will be around $100 to $200. On the other hand, you will find affordable options in the Midwest or South. 

The same goes for the difference between urban and rural areas. Small towns or rural areas offer dental services at a lower price.

Always check your local dental clinic before going to these fashionable dental clinics. 

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning:

Here you will find out how much benefits of professional teeth cleaning will have on your oral health

Preventing Gum Disease:

Periodontal or gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences. Plaque and tartar buildup are the main sneaky factors that result in infection and later on gum disease. 

Issues Teeth Gum

Teeth cleanings help in removing plaque which eliminates the bacteria and ultimately gives protection against infection.

It helps in reducing gum irritation which can later convert into inflammation. So prevention is the key that can save your day. 

Early Detection of Dental Issues:

Cavities start as small and can be treated at a minimal cost without any worry.

However, if left untreated, they worsen over time and lead to tooth loss which is a serious issue. Such conditions require more extensive procedures and of course, cost more. 

So early detection is key to protecting your teeth from getting into something serious.

Improved Oral Health and Hygiene:

Despite detecting dental issues earlier, there’s another thing that can contribute to preventing gum disease. And that is better oral health and hygiene.

If you’re taking care of your hygiene like brushing your teeth regularly and going for routine treatments, you’re on the right path.

Besides this, you need to go for professional teeth cleaning to improve your overall oral health. It can remove surface stains, plaque buildup, and many more. So you need to combine good hygiene and oral habits with routine dental checkups

How to Find Affordable Teeth Cleaning Services

Now that you know what importance teeth cleaning services hold, you might be looking for some budget-friendly teeth cleaning services. Here are some ways how you can find one without compromising on quality.

Dental Insurance Coverage

If you’ve got your dental insurance, teeth cleaning cost would be a piece of cake for you. Most dental insurance covers teeth cleaning without any extra cost.

Dental Insurance

 However, if you’ve additional treatments involved, your case might be different. You’ll need to pay a portion of the overall dental cleaning cost.

Moreover, every dental insurance package varies so you need to check your dental insurance policy first.

Discount Plans and Membership Programs

Some dental clinics are smart enough to offer discounts or installment plans. These types of offers might be only for patients without dental care insurance.

 Some also offer annual membership programs with lots of benefits like different dental services at a special discounted rate. For this again, you need to check your local dental clinic and make things clear.

Community Health Clinics and Dental Schools

Several community health centers offer financing for dental services.

You can also get a sliding fee rate based on your income from these clinics. Opt for dental schools if you want budget-friendly teeth cleaning services. 

These schools have learning students or interns who work under the supervision of a professional dentist. However, the treatment process might take longer time as they are learning. 


Understanding teeth cleaning prices involves considering factors like clinic location and required treatments according to your dental problems.

Despite regional variations in cost, investing in professional cleaning offers benefits like preventing gum disease and early gum issue detection. 

If you can not afford a teeth cleaning procedure, you can opt for dental insurance coverage, discount plans, dental schools, and community health clinics.

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