Why Does the Dentist Take Blood Pressure?

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Are you wondering why the Dentist needs to take your Blood pressure at a routine cleaning or before a dental procedure?

Why Does the Dentist Take Blood Pressure?

With routine dental cleanings being more common than yearly physicals at the doctor for many people, dental visits offer an opportunity to monitor blood pressure and promote well-being.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the “silent killer”. About 30% of Americans suffer from hypertension, which frequently remains undiagnosed because it usually has no symptoms.

Why Does the Dentist Take Blood Pressure?

Beyond this added benefit, there are 3 main reasons your dentist should be taking your blood pressure regularly:

  1. Local anaesthetics containing Epinephrine
  2. Dental anxiety and phobia
  3. Discomfort affecting bodily response

 We’ll further elaborate on this below.

Local anaesthetics contain epinephrine 

Local anaesthetics contain epinephrin, raising blood pressure to help the body react to life-threatening circumstances.

Your blood pressure could go up if a dentist applies an epinephrine-containing local anaesthetic without checking your blood pressure, you could end up in danger of a medical disaster. Individuals with high blood pressure frequently are unaware of their condition and do not exhibit any symptoms.

To prevent these potential health issues, Regular dental check-ups are vital.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia  

Many people suffer from dental anxiety and fear of the dentist, When a dentist is taking your blood pressure while you are in the dentist’s chair, they can use that information to create a baseline of your health or to identify any prehypertensive or hypertensive readings that should signal you to see your doctor. 

Confirming that your blood pressure is normal and healthy helps the dentist be aware of any potential hazards linked with treatment, as anxiety and fear can elevate blood pressure.

Discomfort may affect a body’s reaction

Just like dental anxiety, pain raises blood pressure, signalling to the body that something is off.

Root Canal

Although this is a normal reaction, if the person with high blood pressure feels excessively uneasy or nervous, it could lead to other medical problems. A patient’s health is protected by setting a baseline as soon as they sit on a chair.

Blood pressure medication & Dental procedures

You need to inform your dentist about all the medications you must take so they can consider them during treatment planning and the operation. With the primary physician’s decision, some drugs might need to be stopped for a few days before starting procedures for such patients.

During surgical treatments, patients with high blood pressure might experience considerable intraoperative bleeding. Patients can be on medications that help thinning blood or clotting blood.

The importance of Blood Pressure Monitoring during dental visits

Early Detection of Health Issues

With regular blood pressure checks at dental appointments, dentists can identify patients at risk of cardiovascular problems and promote their overall well-being.

Safety Precautions for Dental Treatments

Accurate blood pressure readings are crucial for dental treatment. Consulting with primary care physicians is recommended so the dentist can prevent complications and adjust accordingly. Patients with high blood pressure may experience difficulties during treatments and anaesthesia, whereas ones with low blood pressure can experience dizziness or fainting during treatments.

Side effects of Blood pressure medication 

High blood pressure medication can cause dry mouth, alter taste, and cause gum inflammation. It may also cause irregular heartbeats. Dry mouth, a common side effect can prevent saliva production, and increase the risk of cavities and bad breath.


Dentists use blood pressure readings to identify potential risks, customise treatments, and support patient health management. Regular readings can save lives and improve overall health.

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